it's simple

create the best, affordable handmade stoneware for the end consumer.

Starazza is the sister company of PlateZ ceramics.

known to a lot of big chefs and patrons they make-

the most exclusive designs a chef could want.


Starazza is the way for consumers to get a little taste of ceramics handmade by the creators of PlateZ.

our amazing team

tara keeven

creative artist

she’s the woman that does all.

– Trowing – Trimming – glazing –

as a mother of two children and leader of the household

she works part-time in a local restaurant on weekdays.

Tara is specialized at getting the actual final form of all our handmade ceramics

jan keeven


– weel thrown  ceramics –

the expert of our company that has all the experience from the start

forty years in ceramic arts  gave our new company a flying start to be represented all over the world

steven huijgens

founder of platez & starazza


– entrepreneur – Glaze specialist – Chef –

client visits 

social media accounts





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